After School

Sports, cheerleading, literary clubs, scouting, theatrical shows, holiday parties, and many other activities filled the after school hours of deaf students. Most schools also required students to attend religious services. Saturday trips to the town movie theater or ice cream parlor made weekends special.


Students at the Alabama School for the Deaf fingerspell the word "ALABAMA" in this 1908 image. Deaf children and adults were often advised to hide their signs in public, but occasionally they showed pride in their language and schools by signing or spelling names in photographs.

Gallaudet University Archives
Gift of Robert Werdig Jr.


At the North Dakota School for the Deaf, students perform "The Five Senses," below.


North Dakota School for the Deaf


Holding their service awards, students in the Christian Endeavor Society met on Sunday afternoons at the Kentucky School for the Deaf.

Kentucky School for the Deaf

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